Friday, August 30, 2013

Raven Tales - Part 3

(We last left our friend Raven in the valley at the edge of forever, to catch up on his past adventures click here.)
Now, one might think sleeping in the mid-day sun atop a large rock is less than ideal, but even Raven knows if you go looking for ideal you will never find the right thing.  He slept more peacefully on top of his rock than he had in the last fifteen moons in his tiny glass house.  When he awoke from his nap, he rolled on his back, lifting his belly to the sky.  The wind cooled his sun baked furred and he stretched from the tip of his midnight-black-tail through the edge of his jet-black-nose.  Raven was quite pleased with his adventure thus far, and flopped to the other side to see what he could see.
Much to his surprise, next to him on the rock he found a pair of headphones.  Now Raven had never seen headphones, and he was quite startled at their appearance as he was quite certain nothing was on his rock when he went to sleep.  He tucked his paws under him, and sniffed high in the air trying to catch the object’s scent.  It didn’t smell dangerous, but a cat on his own at the edge of forever can never be too careful. 
He slipped to his feet, keeping his belly low against the surface of the rock , slinking toward the fuscia headphones.  He circled them once, and then twice.  On the third time, he reached out with his paw and bopped them and leapt back to a safe distance.  Much to Raven’s surprise, the headphones did not hiss at him or try to bite him, they merely lay on the rock inviting Raven to investigate them further.   He reached out his paw again, pushing the headphones two inches to the right.  Still they did not fight him.  He leaned in and rubbed his face against the padded ear covers, they were squishy and not all together unpleasant.
Raven opened his jaws and bit at the edge of the band holding the earphones together.  It was too hard for food, and didn’t taste like much of anything worth spending his time on.  He swatted the left earphone with his paw and jumped back in awe.  From far away inside the earphone came a sound, so beautiful and sweet,  like nothing he’d ever heard before.  He leaned in closer. His tail twitched in time to the wondrous sounds coming from inside the headphones.  Looking over his left shoulder and then his right, he wondered who could have left this magical thing here.  But no one was around.  It was Raven, alone in the edge of forever.
He leaned in close again and put his ears between the rubber pads, the headphones fit him just perfectly.  When he stood up they lay about his neck, as if they were custom made just for him.  He was not one to take things that didn’t belong to him, but surely if one awakes next to a pair of magical headphones that fit you just right, there must be an exception.  So Raven jumped from the rock, with his pink headphones about his neck, and walked toward the setting sun in search of whatever may come next.

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